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Dr. H. Salahudeen (Bari)

A religious personality H. Salahudeen (Bari) a leading religious personality, passed away on 24th July 2013 at the age of 76 years. He was well-known as the ‘Kandy Moulana’ not only in Sri Lanka but also in South India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Middle East and European countries due to his contributions, religious speeches, Quthba preaches and books on Islam, ideally designed to cater to the needs of the general public. Salahudeen was the Chief Imam and the Director of the Islamic Centre of Hanafi Jumma Masjid Kandy.

Janaaza Notice

MRS. HALEEMA BHAI ABDUL SATTAR BHOJA. Passed Away today. Janaza will leave at 12.00 Midnight from res: No: 14/2, Abdul Gaffoor Mw, Colpetty, Col-03, to Maligawatte Burial Grounds.

Al-Haj Muhammad Razeen

Father of Ash Sheikh Raamiz Razeen (Kashifi/Markaz)
Burial Time 10:30am.
Contact No: 0777434300

Marhoom Muhammadh Ali Imran

Father of:
AlmasHilmyRasheed Ali
Father in Law of:
UnaisSilmyFahmir Ali
Burial : Maligawatte Burial Grounds, Colombo 10.

Marhooma N. Hassan

Dehiwala Muhiyadeen Jummah Masjid
Burial Grounds
Soon After Luhar Preyas

Mrs. Jameela Ajward

Mother of :
Naazir Ajward
Nazri Ajward
Hafil Namiz Ajward
Mrs. Iqbal
Mrs. Hilmy Ilyas

Mrs. Fathima Hussain

Mother of :
Munsif Hussain
Neuman Hussain
Cader Hussain
Late Najeeb Hussain
Late Zareena

Marhoom M.H.M. Jiffry

Father of :
Humaizer (Huludagoda Road)